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{November 23, 2009}   My favorite Christmas Memory

Oh Christmas what a time to gather with friends and family and be with the ones you love. What better time than to reflect on a favorite christmas memory. I can think of several memories that I hold near and dear to my heart. But one in particular would be back in 2007. My father who was diagnosed with type two diabetes at the start of the year started to have complications that by August he was sent to the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. While, there he would go on to have numerous surgeries and problems that led to him almost losing his life (3times we almost lost him) 😦 . For the next 4 and an a half months the family all stood by his side day and night. Praying for miracles and speedy recovery. We had no idea if he would even get to come home for Christmas. It was a very tiresome and terrifying time for me and the rest of my family. Needless, to say it was right at the last minute. I mean literally the week of Christmas that we finally got the news that he was well enough to come home. The news we had prayed and hoped for! It was such a joy and a miracle from God that he survived what he what through. I now truly believe that the power of prayer works. And yes, Christmas was a very quiet and peaceful one. But I got my christmas wish and to have my daddy home for christmas was all that I needed.
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{November 22, 2009}   Win a Kindle from Noobie!

I just entered a contest to win a free Kindle from Noobie (worth $259!) and I wanted you to have a chance to win one too!

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{November 22, 2009}   HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway

I recently came across a site while shopping online to compare HP computers. And found 5 Minutes for Mom Bringing Moms Together A website started by two twin work at home mom’s. And right now they are having a wonderful contest. Someone is going to win a HP TouchSmart 600 computer. Not one but two people will win. It was like a beacon of light had shined on me. Since, I was just looking at HP computers and really in need of one. This work at home mommy of two. Just has to enter this! It’s a sign….Someone up above is telling me I have to do this. And you can too. So Take the time to visit their site at And enter today. And while at it. Nominate someone in need…A friend, family member, a neighbor…Anyone you think that could benefit from this and they could win too. And truly make someone’s holidays a little brighter.

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