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{February 21, 2008}   Come… Sip…. Talk

All I can say is my oh my….How’s this for ya! Oklahoma City finally has a Dirty Water Coffee Company.

2149 Barclay Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73120-3811
(405) 209-6477

This espresso and smoothie catering service is not a new concept elsewhere. But to have something like this here in Oklahoma. Seems to me a crazy  idea. Come on… Truth be known.  Would you want to hire a company that comes to your party, reunion, wedding,  church, or whatnot and all you do is drink coffee? Coffee, Lattes, Smoothies, and Hot Tea for an hour?  It just doesn’t seem right. I don’t care how great they claim their coffee is. My thoughts over this is too stay clear of this and if I want top dollar coffee. Starbucks is just around the corner. And soon the refills will be free 🙂


{February 18, 2008}   Ramblings and Frustrations

Gas Prices are up again in Oklahoma!  $2.91  Ugh! Asinine!!!!

Martian Child with John Cusack is a great movie! Why is this great looking guy still single? He would make a great dad in real life.

The Writer’s Strike is over! Whoo-Hoo! But Bionic Woman and Kane won’t be back 😦

Another Beef Recall….Yikes! I’m wondering how many kids in school this week will be eating those bad burgers? Surly, McDonald’s doesn’t have beef in their freezers from Feb. 2006.

Rocker, Tom Petty, sure does make a good Redneck hillbilly in the animated show. King of the Hill.

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is set to play the late Peter Sellers in the remake of the 1968 Blake Edwards film The Party. Boy, I bet that would be a good movie. But Seriously,  why are they going back and re-making all of these movies? Can’t they come up with anything Original?

Feb. 12, 1982-2008   was The 25th Anniversary of Michael Jackson Thriller album. Yet, I hardly, heard anything mentioned on the news about this. Why?

You can not have negative thoughts and live a positive life.  Are you pleased with your self? We can turn ourself around and have a great day. God is Pleased with Me!

{February 2, 2008}   Christian Women Online

Because everybody needs a daily dose of inspiration.

It’s a place to kick back, grab a virtual chair at our table, and allow God to fill your cup to running over. It’s addictive, but only He can satisfy the craving of your soul. 

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